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Residential Community resources amongst other services....

Resource Pro Provides Community living arrangements for Individuals with mental health, developmental disability and Autistic challenges in the state of Pennsylvania amongst other services.


Resource Pro seeks to promote compassionate and holistic residential care by aiming to provide resident-centered, community oriented, quality health care services for adults with disabilities.

Services consist of support in the general areas of selfcare, communication, fine and gross motor skills, mobility, therapeutic activities, personal adjustment, relationship development, socialization, and community resources.


Resource Pro was founded based on the philosophy of Personal Choice, Community Involvement and Dignity.

                                     MISSION STATEMENT

Our mission at Community is to Provide quality residential services for Pennsylvanians with intellectual challenges. Our motto is ‘caring passionately’. Our core principle and actions are built around the principle of “Everyday Lives” and revolves around providing programs that emphasis love and care.

Our Promise is to do the following

Hiring qualified, skillful, dependable and compassionate caregivers to assist our individuals in maintaining their independence and dignity in the comfort of their homes or our facilities.


A Caring agency with the capability of sustaining and extending quality health care services to all intellectually disabled individuals in Pennsylvania.


Values: Build our work around the value that people with disabilities have a right to an everyday life; a life that is no different than that of all other citizens appreciating that an everyday life is about opportunities, relationships, rights, and responsibilities. It is about being a member of the community, having a valued role, making a contribution to society, and having one’s rights as a citizen fully respected. It is a vision that we should all be working toward together.


Resource Pro, LLC gives her individuals and their families the ability to choose in all aspects of their life.  Individuals choose the services they receive, the direct staff that provides the services, where they live and with whom, where they work, recreational and leisure activities, vacations, individualized day activities, and the level of support provided in their homes

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